Three ways in which travel makes you grow as a person


We live in a society in which travel is mostly tied to that vacation we take once a year, that thing you do when you retire, or something you do for work or business. That’s all great, travel is still travel and you still get to see new places by following that path. But when you tie travel to personal growth and development, emotional well-being, and continued education, it suddenly becomes a little more important. Here are some great things that will make you more excited about taking that next trip over-seas.


At some point in our adulthood, personal growth and development can slow down as we get busy with our lives. For many of us reading books or listening to podcasts could be the only way we can grow in our post-educational life, and that’s ok.

Travel however, is just as, if not more effective than those things. A huge part of personal growth is developing positive life skills, self-esteem, and wisdom. When you travel you expose your mind to different ways of thinking, different ways of seeing the World, and communicating with people.

Travel exposes you to different challenges and teaches you about life. All this adds to your personal growth and makes you not just a better person but a much wiser one too.


Another big benefit of traveling the World is emotional well-being.

Stress, anxiety, depression, and other negative symptoms we have to deal with could be hard to manage. The great news is that by traveling around the World you realize that life, our World, and what other people deal with in other places are sometimes bigger than your problems.

It’s very easy to find gratitude and peace within yourself when you see the rest of the World.

When you’re stuck in your bubble, your own universe, it's very easy to get lost and feel like you’re the only one dealing with things. Sometimes seeing people in poverty or observing them be happy with so little in their lives can change your attitude, and this is great for your emotional well-being. Or sometimes, just seeing the Redwoods or Mountains or oceans in all their endless grandeur can just help put you and your emotional well-being at ease. And I’ll take that too.



You’ve spent most of your life learning about history, geography, cultures, customs, and even the environment. But most of those things are learned from books and either quickly forgotten or pushed aside. We end up living around people who think and act like us and we forget that there is a huge world out there full of different ideologies and beliefs.

There is no better way than to go out and experience everything you were always taught and see it for yourself. Be your own judge and figure out what makes sense and what doesn’t. You can read all the books in the world but if you don’t go out and actually experience those things, then you won’t really appreciate it and understand it the same way.

Don’t be the person spending hours watching golf tutorials and never actually enjoying playing golf.  

Travel is not just a vacation. It is something that makes people better. People who travel are not just relaxed and ready to get back to work.

Travel is the antidote to prejudice, racism, ignorance. Travel makes you more open to people different from you and brings people closer together, also it exposes you to different ways of thinking and communicating.

Drop us a line and let us know what you think! How has travel made you a better person?





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