Travel tips and hacks are everywhere online these days, but we wanted to share some of our own based on some mistakes we’ve made and experiences we had. We hope you find one or two you didn’t know about that makes your next trip more enjoyable.

Here are our top travel hacks to help make sure your next adventure goes smooth:

  • Take pictures of your passport – Things happen. Things get lost. And that includes your passport. Most likely losing one bag can mean losing everything including your documents. Having a picture of it on your cellphone can expedite the process of getting back to your country and verifying who you are a lot quicker.
  • Exchange currency before you even get to the airport - If you’re flying overseas and want their local currency, chances are you will opt to do that at an airport. Fees are high and there is no reason to waste money on that. We always go to our local bank and order the currency. Takes a day or two to get it and you don’t get hit with huge fees.
  • Be a low maintenance traveler – If you can, pack light and pack in a carry-on only. Obviously, depending on the length of the trip you can’t always pack small but chances are, you need less than you think when traveling. This said, we have gone on pretty far trips packing everything on carry-ons, including overseas and week-plus long trips. Plus, skipping the checked bag(s) means skipping lines and wait. Try it out some day – makes the trip easier, quicker and you learn to pack better.
  • Buy a travel guide book - Most people turn to the internet for advice on things to do at your destination. Perhaps that’s why you’ve found yourself here - and that’s great! Hearing people’s opinions on places and activities you’re planning on doing can be very helpful – in fact, it can be a great way to get insider tips on how to travel right. But, we also love a good travel guide book.
On our last two trips we decided to purchase detailed travel guides, and we the reason they are so awesome is because they go into tons of detail that are easy to sort through all in one place. These agencies that put these guides together take a lot of time and energy to put out the most accurate and beneficial information possible. We’ve visited a lot of cool spots because of these books and a lot of them had nothing about them on the internet (though, we’re hoping to help with that).
  • Download maps on your cell phone – Some people choose to keep their phones off on vacations to break away from email, because of the high costs to keep them on internationally, etc. While this is changing, those of us who do choose an international plan, you quickly find out data can be expensive and add up quick – especially when using GPS.
If you’re anything like us, chances are you’re going to end up in places without reception and finding your way is going to take a map. Breaking out an old-fashioned map or paying $10 / day for a GPS is not quite our thing. Thankfully, Google has your back.
Google Maps, if you didn’t already know, allows you to download sections of maps to your phone to use when you’re offline (aka, no cell service required). You can use your GPS in airplane mode saving you battery and money. Just go to options > select offline maps > choose the area and download. Enjoy!
  • Print everything - As we mentioned with the passport, things can get lost. We cover ourselves by printing we can (like hotel, shuttle, car reservations) and keeping it in a folder… just in case.
This may seem a bit old school, but trust us on this one. Here’s the thing – let’s say you’re staying at seven different hotels on your trip, chances are all of your reservations are in your email on your cellphone. If that cellphone gets lost or stolen (or you don’t have service) it will be a headache to figure everything out. By printing out hotel info, flight info, and anything else usually kept on your cell, you are making sure you have it all with you and organized if needed. This one really helps, even if you don’t lose your cell!
  • Make sure you relax your last day – This final tip comes from something we learned on about our 10th trip overseas, and I wish we did this earlier. So much stress could’ve been prevented.
When you’re on your last day, chances are you’re probably a little tired from your trip. You’ve seen a lot and done a lot in however many days you were there. If you get right on a plane back home it might make you even more tired. You’re supposed to come back happy and relaxed, this is a vacation after all.
So, what we often do is take the last day to get a more comfortable hotel, hang out in a nice pool, not worry about what to do/see anymore. Just enjoy relaxing before a long flight home is the message here. If your trip was long and it took a long time to get there, we are telling you this one is worth it.
Thanks for reading! Leave us a comment below and let us know if you had any experiences using similar travel tips or have anything different to share.
Leave a comment below! We would love to hear about your travel hacks or if the ones we have helped you at some point.  


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