Top 5 Things We Love about Spring

Our Top 5 Things we Love About Spring

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Spring has arrived! And while some of the country is warming up and others getting pummeled with more snow, spring is here in all its blossoming glory. 

We’re stoked about spring season because it means warm weather and some our favorite outdoor activities are on the horizon. Though, it doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to some of our beloved winter activities quite yet.

For you outdoor lovers out there, we’re breaking down our top 5 things we love about Spring

  1. Camping is around the Corner: We love camping as much as we love any outdoor activity. Very little beats a starry night with a warm campfire and a glass of whiskey. Spring means camping is coming, if it hasn’t already arrived in some places, and we’re dusting off our tents and sleeping bags to get out there as soon as possible!
  2. Spring Riding: Snowboarding in the spring is one of my ultimate favorite activities. Bluebird skies, swapping hoodies for jackets, and sunshine constantly on the mountains, it can’t be beat. I know, I know, that the snow is not at its “best” but the vibe on any mountain is. So get out there and enjoy the last few weeks of riding and enjoy a more low key vibe & experience in warmer weather.
  3. Daylight & Birds: So this one gets a lot of flack when it comes to the changing of the clocks, but once you ride that out, you can’t beat the longer days that are coming. This means more time outdoors and more time to do what you love most. Spring also brings with it new flowers, birds, and all things that literally make you stop and smell the roses. Enjoy these weeks when you hear the birds breaking the routine noised with a song, and take a moment to breathe in the new smells and beauty the spring brings.
  4. All the Colors: Waking up early to catch the spring sunrise or breaking from your routine to soak in the sunset is well worth it. The colors that light up the sky this time of year are impeccable and we can never get enough of them! Seriously, slow down and take a minute to wake up a little earlier or break from whatever you’re in the middle of at night to step outside and catch these incredible moments.
  5. Warm Weather = More Outdoor Time: Ok, so this one may depend on the person or the area you live. In Colorado, we play year-round. Snowshoeing, snowboarding, hiking, etc. it doesn’t stop when the temperature drops because we work hard and play harder. But for those who may not be as keen to bracing colder temps or may not live in a place where mountain activities are a quick step away, Spring means more time outdoors. And what gets better than that?

Whatever your vibe and adventure, start dusting off that outdoor gear and make your way outside. We want to see it from you, let us know what you’re up to with #vibeventure (Insatagram: @vibeandventure)


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