Four Road Trips from Denver to Take This Summer


Summer has officially arrived!! One of our favorite parts of long nights and warm weather is trekking around the beautiful states. And one of my favorite ways to travel – Road Trips!!

Road trips are an American pastime almost as nostalgic as baseball. When those warm summer nights come on and longer days are in the air, there’s just something about hopping something that makes me want to hop in a car and explore from coast to coast.

Whenever we get the chance, we hop in the car and road trip to the nearest national park, city or just about anywhere we can make it. Living in Colorado, we spend countless days roaming around the mountains, our four national parks, and site seeing this beautiful place we call home.

So this summer, load up your car and get ready for one these four epic road trips you can’t miss if you’re living in Denver (or visiting Denver for the week).

Pro Tip: We couple traveling with long weekends and holidays to save our PTO at our 9-5s for those awesome, dream vacations. It’s a great way to sneak traveling in more frequently without the worry of work!


WHY WE LOVE IT: Moab. A home away from home for us. Yes, I know Moab is Utah but I also know it’s a F*ing awesome place where you just can’t get enough adventure. If you’re living in Denver, put Moab on your list… fast. Coming from Denver, you drive straight west on i70 through the scenic mountainside of Colorado. The curvy roads, the changing landscapes, the rushing water weaving in and out of the highway is enough to keep any passenger occupied in the views alone.

DRIVE TIME: 5 hours

STOPOVER:  Palisade, check out this gem of town off the highway and try some amazing Colorado wines (yes, I said amazing!). If you have an extra night, I recommend making it a stayover. Glenwood Springs: Admittedly, this is a great spot to stop for gas on your trip. But there’s so much to do there, if you have some time check out Glenwood Springs (a quintessential Colorado town with breweries, hot springs, hiking, and everything you’ll love). 


WHY WE LOVE IT: Southwest Colorado. I can’t say enough amazing things about this part of our state. When we stumbled into this beautiful part, I knew instantly what all of the hype is about. And let me tell you, the hype is real. Yes, I know, people may be thinking why not Telluride? But people, the sister town of Telluride that gets all the love and I love Ouray just as much as (if not more than) Telluride. Ouray is full of locals, breweries and amazing views without the draw of touristy outsiders. If you haven’t been, I suggest loading up your camping gear, hopping in the car and going immediately.

DRIVE TIME: 7 hours

STOPOVER: Telluride is a real mountaineering type of town filled with adventure, travel, incredible mountain views, camping, and all the things we love. This place really is something special, I highly recommend splitting your time from Ouray and Telluride and seeing both. Black Canyon of the Gunnison. If you were driving home from Ouray and didn’t know to pull off, you’d assume the landscape remains the same ranchland for miles. Veer off the beaten path (in this case highway) and turn into Black Canyon of the Gunnison, you won’t be disappointed.


WHY WE LOVE IT: What I love about this trip is that you get to experience Breckenridge in the summer. Breck is just as beautiful in the summer as it is the winter, and it’s great to experience all this amazing town has to offer in the warmer summer months. Head over to Breck and spend few days soaking in the sun, then shoot down toward Alamosa and the Great Sand Dunes National Park. It’s a quick drive with amazing mountain views and will lead you to one of my favorite parks in Colorado (second to Rocky Mountain National Park).

DRIVE TIME: Probably like 8 total, but you break it up by stopping in Breckenridge and Alamosa

STOPOVER: Arkansas Headwaters on your way to Alamosa. Manitou Springs on your way back into Denver.


WHY WE LOVE IT: Whenever possible we spend long weekends checking out incredible national parks across the U.S. In 8 hours or so you can trek it to the Grand Tetons National Park to take in incredible views, beautiful hikes, and just enjoy all this park has to offer. Next Door? Well, at least relatively, is Yellowstone National Park. A gem in and of its own right, Yellowstone National Park is beautiful and you get to take in some of the world’s natural wonders surrounded by incredible scenery, all in a short drive from Denver.

DRIVE TIME: 8-10 hours depending on your route.

STOPOVER: Check out Jackson Hole, a cute mountain town I can’t get enough of.
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