Snow-capped mountains, crisp air, blue-bird days, hot tubs and holidays make winter a never-ending season of fun with family and friends. But winter is also an amazing season to adventure, and we want to drop our top 5 favorite things to do during this rad time of the year so you can keep the fun going year long.

Take a quick look below and get inspired to get off the couch and opt outside this winter season.


5. Snowshoeing 

To many it may seem like a strenuous activity reserved for people who are fit and outdoorsy, but snowshoeing is surprisingly easy and also affordable ($18 rental at REI). It’s a great way to get out of your comfort zone and enjoy wintertime and its landscapes by doing something a little different.

Alan Apt, author of “Snowshoe Routes Colorado’s Front Range” says “It doesn’t require special skills like skiing does, and unlike skis, you’re not going to kill yourself going downhill, or slide backwards going uphill. There is a minimal learning curve.”

You can snowshoe basically anywhere with a little deeper snow, and not everyone chooses steep mountain hikes for this activity. You can literally strap them on and walk as if they weren’t even on you. This one always creates lasting memories and makes anyone who tried it feel happy about trying something new. 


4. Fireplace and board games with your favorite peeps 

If you have the means and find yourself in a perfect spot, whether it be your friends’ cabin, an Airbnb, or a ski resort; make sure you enjoy the small things once in a while.

One of the best things about winter is the feeling you get when you shelter yourself from the cold nights outside. Hanging out with your favorite people, playing some sweet board games while drinking your favorite whiskey, all by that welcoming heat of a fireplace makes you remember why it's so good to be alive.

These moments will forever find their way on all our winter adventure lists.


3. Hot Springs 

Ahh yes, nature’s hot tubs! These geothermal baths can be found all around the World. And they aren’t just a great way to have a winter adventure, hot springs have a lot of therapeutic benefits that you might have not known about. Musculoskeletal problems, eczema, nasal congestion, circulation, are some of the more common issues that can be soothed.

But the best part about them is being able to enjoy those cold winter days and nights outside while staying warm and happy. And whether you choose to find yourself in a public hot spring or one that you have to hike to is up to you.

Our favorite one is Strawberry Park Hot Spring in Steamboat Springs pictured above. Cheers!

2. Hut Trip 

It’s an adventure, an experience, a vacation, a getaway, and something unknown all in one. What you make of a hut trip is totally up to you.

Hut trips are often booked online in advance if you want to make it your own private getaway or you can hike to a more public one that you share with strangers. This is pretty cool as you can choose something that fits your adventure style at whatever time you choose to go.

Most huts aren’t heated and don’t have all the amenities of a hotel but that’s part of the fun. The whole point is to hike out somewhere secluded and detach from all the stress and busyness of our daily lives.

Pack your warm clothes and hot chocolate or favorite whiskey, bring some board games, and head out to a little cabin in the middle of nowhere this winter.


1. Snowboarding and Skiing 

If you follow us you already know that snowboarding is our favorite thing to do in the winter. It’s a combination of staying active, adventurous, free-spirited, social, and fun.

People ski green runs at ski resorts and backcountry stuff up in the mountains. Your skill set doesn’t translate to more or less fun. There is just something about it that keeps you young and feeling like a kid again.

Being able to float on top of the snow like that is a feeling that stays with you forever. If you haven’t tried it yet don’t wait, and if you are already skiing and snowboarding then keep going!

Once you’re done with your day there is nothing better than grabbing a cold beer and some hot food or heading to the hot tub to soothe those sore muscles. This very popular activity is a favorite to many people and we truly believe it’s the best way to adventure the right way.  

Drop us a line! which one of the list is your go-to? 


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