If you’re like pretty much everyone else and love live music and the outdoors, chances are you’ve either heard of or maybe even been to Red Rocks. The Venue has been open since 1906 but it took this amazing place over 200 million years to form! Surrounded by stunning red rocks and nestled in the foothills of Denver at 6,450 feet, this place is a must visit for anyone looking for an unforgettable concert experience. If you’re not sold yet, Vibe and Venture compiled a quick list of 5 reasons you should see a show at this Colorado music venue.

1.Unrivaled Atmosphere – It only takes one time to experience a life-changing concert at this venue. A big reason for this is the feeling you get when you’re there. The massive rocks surrounding the venue lit up with bright lights under the dark mountain sky, toss the sound from the stage right into your chest making you feel alive. This “in the present moment” makes you never want to leave. The energy spreads through the entire place and it's truly a special night no matter who you choose to see.

2.The elements – Only in Colorado can you experience 4 seasons in one day and this music venue is no exception. But don’t be turned away. Rain or shine all shows go on and sometimes being out in the elements make it even more special. There is nothing like a warm summer night with a light breeze coming off the mountains as you listen to your favorite band, but some fans will tell you that their most memorable nights were in different weather. Imagine feeling the sound of music pounding your chest as you watch the rain fall through the stage lights. You suddenly feel alive and realize that music and mother nature are meant to be together.

3.People – We aren’t sure if it is just the simple fact that this venue seems like its in the middle of nature but something about Red Rocks brings out the best in everyone. The moment performers take the stage the crowd syncs up with positive energy. People of all ages, from different backgrounds, different tastes in music, can all come together at this venue and be united by smiles and love. Everyone who comes here is just always so happy and it’s definitely contagious. It’s truly refreshing to see music bring everyone together and bring out the best in us. Did we mention tailgating before the shows too?

4.The Performers – Most musicians don’t shy away from the fact that Red Rocks is their favorite venue to perform at. And with Rolling Stone Magazine as well as many others naming Red Rocks the Best Amphitheatre in America it’s easy to see why. Most performers on stage will tell the crowd how special this place is to them or how they have dreamed their entire lives of playing here. This definitely transpires into music as their energy, passion, and excitement bleed into the entire place. With the performers loving being there everything else becomes better. Their entire performance becomes indisputably authentic and genuine.

 5. The Surroundings- From the moment you arrive at this venue, you feel like you’re in a different World. Natural red rocks, mountain and city backdrops, hiking trails and trees, all make this place so unique. And whether you’re gazing at Denver’s city lights behind the stage or stars above you there is never a moment the surroundings of this place won’t captivate you. Take a moment took look around when you’re here. When you listen to the music and combine it with the special and unique scenery, it will be a moment you’ll never forget.

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