5 Must-Have Car Camping Essentials

Our top five car camping must-haves for the practical camper.

When it comes to the summer, there is very little we love more than escaping to the mountains to camp. The smell of the fire in the evening that evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness. The bright sparkling of the stars that make you wonder the evening away. Waking up to the sounds of nature as birds chirp in the crisp morning air. 

Camping is my happy place.

Everything about sleeping under the stars makes me want to spend every night camping by the fire. Not too mention those of us with an ever-wondering adventure and travel lifestyle, camping can be a quick and affordable way to feel like you’re on vacation every weekend.

We have a special place in our hearts for car camping. While it’s not super rugged, car camping can provide a much-needed reprieve into the woods with a bit of a home luxury that you bring with – not too mention it’s way easier for the little campers in your life.

So here at Vibe and Venture, we’re breaking down a list of our favorite five-must have car camping essentials to bring you’re a-game to your next car camping venture. 

1.) Doubles Sleeping Bag

This was a gift we put on our wedding registry, something I am so grateful that we did every single time we use it. Not only do you not have to lug multiple sleeping bags around, but it’s the perfect sleeping situation for staying warm and getting close to your love one. Any couple out there should definitely invest.
Check ‘em out on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2MoozE8

2.) Create a Camping Box

To make your life a whole heck of a lot easier and to skip multiple trips back to your car for odds & ends like pots, paper towels, etc. get everything together and keep it in this box. Then all you have to do is load and unload one box into/out of your car. Easy peasy.

 This one is nothing fancy. Seriously. We bought a blue storage box from Target for probably less than $10 and we load all of our odds & ends in there from our camping stove to pots/pans to bug spray and bear spray (we do live in Colorado) to playing cards and more. It all fits and makes our life SO easy.

 While you’re at target or Walmart or whatever your choice of store, pick yourself up some gallon size freezer bags and use them to put all your individual items in. Same concept as the box, but this time you’ren not digging around the box to find odds and ends.

3.) Hammock

One of our favorite past times – throwing up a hammock to relax, read and nap out in the wild. I recommend anyone and everyone invest in a hammock for camping. Not much can be better than relaxing as you gently sway to sound of wind through the trees. And for those of you with Little Campers, a hammock is a great digital-free way to keep those kiddos having fun for hours.

Here’s one to do the trick: https://amzn.to/2sZB28u 

4.) Air mattress

Last but not least, a solid air mattress is the way to go. Unless you like sleeping with rocks and branches under you, an air mattress can make the difference between an awesome camping trip and one that leaves you sore for days. While we keep it simply for most things camping, we did. Invest in a solid, queen-sized air mattress from REI. Before we did this, we had a few cheaper ones that couldn’t handle the mountains and would leak air.

Here’s our favorite from REI that’s lasted for years and we LOVE it: https://www.rei.com/product/870779/rei-co-op-relax-air-bed-queen

5.) Camping Chairs

This one doesn’t seem like a must-need… until you don’t have one. You don’t want to spend your whole night sitting on a rock you can find, or trying to roll up a log close enough only to wobble around all evening. Invest in a camping chair, and sit back and enjoy that campfire & whiskey.

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