If you’re reading this, it probably means you already love hiking and its part of your life. Or perhaps you want to get into hiking and want to know about the hidden benefits of it outside of fitness and health. Hiking is a great way to shut off your mind and enjoy nature but also how a great way to find out how something you love doing in the great outdoors can inadvertently help you with your job, life, and even business ventures. 



Your job, your life or your new business that you’re starting is constantly facing unpredictability. Nothing is certain and nothing is given. Nature is the same way. When you hike you are under constant threat of unpredictable weather change and natural elements. You are sometimes exposed to situations that can arise out of nowhere and throw you off your path.

These are the same things we deal with at work. Except when we are at work we don’t always deal with unpredictability the right way. When we are run into a thunderstorm during a hike we know what to do and how to stay calm. We also understand that those things are part of hiking. Things change and we stay calm and adapt. Something new being thrown at you is only difficult if we react to it in a complicated way.

Apply the same lessons nature teaches you and you will become more aware of them in your work life.


As you just read above, nature can be unpredictable and unexpected. The one way we deal with that is preparation. We prepare for the weather, animals, or other hazards we may encounter. We have backup plans and supplies that will help when things get dangerous.

We need preparation at work too. When you plan ahead in case something goes wrong, you’re much better off and you know exactly how you’re going to handle things. This is a great lesson you learn from being out in nature, and the most successful people are always ready for issues and know how to tackle them. Don’t wait for the flash disk you’re using for your presentation to break and then panic when it happens at the worst possible time.

Just like you have a rain jack in your backpack for that long hike in case a thunderstorm rolls in, have backup plans and be prepared in work situations too.


When we are at work or running a business, distractions are all around us. These distractions not only make our minds cluttered, leading to a less productive day but also distance us from goals and greater success.

Having a clear mind, seeing the task at hand, and tackling goals one at a time all give us a feeling of purpose and accomplishment. Therefore, successful people are very efficient and organized.

These lessons come from nature too. Hiking isn’t as enjoyable if our minds are on something else rather than enjoying our surroundings and taking one step at a time. When we hike and focus on the present, we make the entire experience better. So, if it comes so naturally to us when we hike, we should have no issues applying that to success. All we must do is be mindful and aware of this at work.


The last thing hiking teaches us about success is maybe the most obvious one but not something everyone ties to success. There is constant change.

Everything in nature is constantly changing and even if we try to create a habit, nature quickly squashes it. If we do the same hike every weekend, for example, one weekend we could be hiking in hot weather, next weekend a tree could block a path and cause a slight detour, or we could hike in the evening and seeing things completely different than during the day.

From weather to animals to everything else, nature is always changing and nothing stays the same really. The same thing goes with work. We strive for success but find routine and get trapped in complacency. We need to understand that things around us are constantly expanding and evolving and we need to evolve with them.

Nature is giving you a nudge, saying do things differently, look at things differently. Apply this understanding of our planet to what you do at work and your attitude towards it.

Don’t resist the next time something big changes at your work, remember how you react when there is change in nature; you don’t because it’s normal and expected.


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